Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creating page specific layout in Codeigniter

I am using different layout libraries, But I found many problems using those libraries, So, I have create my own codeigniter layout library. Today I speak about how we can create a page specific layout with codeiginter.

First of all think of our page as a collection of blocks. We will create each different view files for each block. So, when we want to show a block we simply load that view file and pass it into the variable in the controller, like the following way:
$this->_data['news_right_column'] = $this->load->view('common/news_right',$this->_data, TRUE);

Suppose, news_right has the following content in it:
Hello world
in the view file where we want to show the block, need to write the following code:
echo $news_right_column;
So, when we don't want to show the block, we simply remove the above code.
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  1. OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook.
  2. Joomla Mobile Development Beginners Guide

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