Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to close Child browser in iPhone phonegap?

Here we will see how we can close the child browser in iPhone phone gap automatically. There is a function in the child browser plugin named 'onLocationChange', which triggers when a the page url has been changed. we can detect this using the following code:
window.plugins.childBrowser.onLocationChange = function(loc){
        if (loc.indexOf("") >= 0)

Here when the browser the detects page url is '', then it closes the child browser.

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Ewald Bos said...

can you maybe help me with something?

I open the childbrowser full screen and on the webpage (it's mine) there is a home button.

If i click the home button on the webpage i would like to close the window, what do i need to add to the page to close the webpage to make that work?

Thanks Ewald,
ps. this one very functional :-)

tahsin hasan said...

Hey Ewald,

Plz use the below code on the click event of the home button:


Daniel said...

hello, i have a problem of perfomance, i am using jquery and phone in my web app, my html pages are independent, and when I make the transition between pages they occupy a lot of memory, open each html phonepag different browsers? is there any solution to this?. greetings from Argentina!!