Saturday, August 24, 2013

character count while copying from other document

we have strlen or mb_strlen to count normal strings or multibyte UTF-8 encoded strings. When we have HTML elements into our strings, then we need to remove the elements.

And if we want to copy rich content text from other websites, then we need to consider the white space characters. we need to replace newline, carriage return and tabs etc.

Here, we first strips the tags from content.
$description = trim(strip_tags(html_entity_decode($this->request->post['description'])));

Then we replace the carriage returns and newlines in the contents.

$description = str_replace("\r\n",'', $description);

Now, we will remove the tabs.

$description = str_replace("\t",'', $description);

Finally, we count our processed content.
echo mb_strlen($description);

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  1. OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook.
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