Saturday, August 24, 2013

strip selected html tags

Using strip_tags we can remove HTML element from a string. But we want to remove selected tags from a string. we can use regular expression to implement this feature.

The below regular expression provide us a way to remove the selected HTML tags from the string.
preg_match_all('/<'.$tag.'[^>]*>(.*)<\/'.$tag.'>/iU', $text, $found)

Then we replace the matched pattern with the matched text string of preg_match_all. The PREG_PATTERN_ORDER returns the matched tag pattern in the first array and returns text pattern on the second pattern.
$text = str_replace($found[0],$found[1],$text);
The complete function becomes like this:
function strip_selected_tags($text, $tags = array())
        foreach ($tags as $tag){
            if(preg_match_all('/<'.$tag.'[^>]*>(.*)<\/'.$tag.'>/iU', $text, $found)){
                $text = str_replace($found[0],$found[1],$text);

        return $text;

  echo htmlentities(strip_selected_tags('
Salavert', array('strong', 'div')));

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