Thursday, July 1, 2010

Resolving SVN conflict

At times there may arise a conflict when working with svn. Let's see how we can minimize it. when a conflict occurs four new files are created. they are the followings:
myfile – the original with markers
myfile.mine – your version
myfile.r5 – the original your worked with
myfile.r6 – the most update version from your colleague
There are several options for resolving conflicts.

1. I can keep all my works and discard the changes my colleague made with the following command:
$ cp myfile.mine myfile
$ svn resolved myfile
Resolved conflicted state of 'myfile'
2. I will discard all my changes and keep my colleagues work with these commands:
$ svn revert myfile
Reverted 'myfile'
$ svn update myfile
At revision 6.
The ‘resolved’ command will clean up all the special files that were generated. Now commit your changes.

3. we can merge both version. we need to do this manually removing the markers and placing the codes of my mine and my colleagues as necessary. then do the following command:
$ svn resolved myfile
Resolved conflicted state of 'myfile'
Now commit your changes.

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Anonymous said...

Your number 1 and 2 are the wrong way around.

Tahsin Hasan said...

I have fixed the bug; thanks for ur comment.