Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get the list of cookies in iOS phonegap

To get the list of cookies stored into our iPhone, we use below code block:

NSArray *cookieArray;
cookieArray = [cookieStorage cookies];
NSInteger numcookies = [cookieArray count]; 
NSLog(@"cookies count:%d", numcookies); 

for (NSHTTPCookie *each in [cookieStorage cookies]) {
    NSLog(@"\nCOOKIE Name: %@, Value:%@, Expires At: %@\n", [each name], [each value], [each expiresDate]); 

Cookies are stored into the NSHTTPCookieStorage. From that storage, we get each one using NSHTTPCookie object. each object has name, value and expireDate attributes.

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Joe Hakooz said...

Exactly what I'm looking for, but can you explain to a newbie where this code should go?
In what function?


Joe Hakooz said...

I can answer my own question.

It goes in the AppDelegate.m init function