Monday, August 3, 2009

class constructor in php 5

In php 5, the __construct is the constructor of a class and __destruct is the destructor of the class.previously, in php 4 we are using the class name as a function as constructor of a class.let's see zend mock questions regarding this.

Question: When migrating the following code from PHP 4 to PHP 5, what should be changed?


// Private method to MyClass
function _doSomething($param) {
/* Do something with $param */

class AnotherClass extends MyClass {

var $param = "foo";

function AnotherClass() {



1. Access modifiers should be added to methods
If no access modifier is present, it treats the variable or method like public.
2. The Constructors for the objects should both be renamed to __construct
3. The use of the parent keyword has changed to 'super'
4. Constructors must have the same parameter lists
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