Monday, August 3, 2009

disable these directives.

Question: Which of the following php.ini directives should be disabled to improve the outward security of your application?

Answer: (chose 4)

1. safe_mode
2. magic_quotes_gpc
3. register_globals
4. display_errors
5. allow_url_fopen
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Seal said...

Q5) tricky – the question asks about – which directives should be DISABLED to IMPROVE the outward security…

Note the keyword DISABLED

so I disagree with just the first part of you answer and I will go with a, c, d, e,

magic_quotes_gpc – this needs to be enabled to improve outward security. And even then its not 100% because this function only escapes some characters – programmer would still need to escape some special characters

Tahsin Hasan said...

Thanks Seal for ur comment. the questions says 'outward security', so it will be d) display_errors.