Tuesday, August 4, 2009

patterns in zend mock test


Consider the following series of classes and interfaces
public function getTitle() {
return $this->_title;
class MyClass2 {
private $_instance;
public function __construct(MyClass $a) {
$this->_instance = $a;
public function getTitleAndAuthor() {
$retval = array(
'title' => $this->_instance->getTitle(),
'author' => $this->_instance->getAuthor()
return $retval;
class MyClass3 {
public function doSomething(MyInterface $instance) {
$value = $instance->getTitleAndAuthor();
MyClass2 is an example of the ________ design pattern.


Factory method pattern. As this pattern uses an interface and the subclasses implements that pattern independent of each other.
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mhor said...

I believe factory pattern should be static and it's construct should be private (same as singleton). This may fall under Strategy pattern. But I'm not 100% sure of that. Thanks for providing these resources anyway.