Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OOP vs procedural

OOP provides ways for extensible application. this approach removes the drawbacks of procedural paradigm. it gives first priority to data. it packs data and functions, which have access to this functions. this avoids unauthorized access to functions. So, OOP gives us ability of reuse, inheritence, access modifier.

procedural provides ways for fast, shortcut approach for programming. so, before coding we must think what we want to do. if we want a small coding to do a small job, then we must go for procedural approach. But as the requirements grew, it was seen that the programs were getting larger and larger and it became difficult to debug. So functions were introduced to reduce the size of the programs and improve readability in them. Still that was not enough. In this approach, data is getting corrupted, as many functions which are not allowed to access the function can access the functions. so, here more focus was given on functions, rather than data.

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