Tuesday, July 28, 2009

object comparison

Object comparison has got some change in php 5. Object comparison using === operator will mean that 2 objects are of same instance of a class, where as using == operator means the 2 objects have same attribute and value and of the same class. This is will be helpful for zend php certification. Let's see a mock test question. The bold one is my answer , you can give yours in comment.

Question: what compatibility problem will this conditional has in php5 .



1.This code is undefined in PHP 4
2.None of the above
3.$obj1 and $obj2 must have the same property values in PHP 5 .

This is true for == operator.
4.$obj1 and $obj2 must be the same instance in PHP 5 .

this is right answer.
5.There are no compatibility issues
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