Thursday, July 30, 2009

short introduction to jmeter

Now let’s see how the process to install jmeter. You can download it from You need Java 4 or newer to run jmeter. After unzipping click the jmeter.bat under bin folder.

1. First of all, by right clicking on the workbench we can add a HTTP proxy server.
2. Set the proxy server of the browser to localhost and the port to 8080.
3. Start the HTTP proxy server and reload the site that u want to test on your browser. You will see the changes in the jmeter. By clicking them, you will see the header sent for them. On clicking the header, you will see the header information. By click the page, you can edit the http data for the request. After loading the page, you need to stop the server.
4. Now we will make a test plan. We will make a thread group first by right clicking on it. In the thread group , you will see thread properties. Number of thread means the number of users that will try to see your site. Ramp-up period means the time interval between two successive users. If you set 0,this means the users access at the same time. Loop count is how many times the test will run.
5. Now we will add those section that we want to test. Right click on the section, that show site address without hostname. Select copy and paste it in thread group.
6. Now we will add some listener to see the test result. There are lots of listeners . I use graph result, monitor result, simple data writer, spine visualizer, summary report, view results in table, view results tree. I will explain the different uses of these listener later on.
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