Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sqlite features.

Sqlite is a popular lightweight faster database. There will be some question regarding sqlite in zend certification exam. There are some features of sqlite below-
  • It is transactional means it has the ACID propertis.
  • It has zero-configuration setup means it needs no configurations for setup.
  • It can store upto terabyte sized databases and gigabyte sized strings.
  • Sqlite is faster compare to other databases.
  • It has simple, easy to use api.
  • complete database is stored in a disk file.
  • use less memory and bandwidth.
  • it does not support foreign keys.
  • types are assigned to values.
  • concurrent read is possible, but concurrent write is not possible.
  • this is not a client-server database.
  • the data are read as numeric and textual.
  • it does not support domain integrity.
Some uses of sqlite is stated below--

  • we can use it for writing xml data to files. It will then support transactional properties, cross platform and avoid the hassles of parsing.
  • it is used in mobile phone, PDA and other electronic gadgets.
  • it is popular with small and medium-sized websites.
  • it can be used for testing sites.

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