Monday, April 19, 2010

arrays in haXe

Now we will see about arrays. An array is a list of elements. They are very useful in a variety of situations. Arrays form a convenient way to handle groups of related data. We can declare a one-dimensional array like this:
var variable-name:Array = new Array();
here variable-name is the name of the array variable with type of Type. For example, we can declare myarray like the following:
var myarray:Array = new Array();
An array element is accessed by indexing the array using the number of elements. To access a specified element in an array, we use the specified position number in square brackets. Like:
myarray[10] = ”even”;
This has value ‘even’ at an index of 10.
HaXe stores one-dimensional arrays in one contiguous memory location with the first element at the lowest address.
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