Monday, April 19, 2010

Regular expressions in haXe

We generally thought regular expressions as some kind of complex topic. Let’s see them with some very simple examples. Regular expressions are a set of matching rules. The real power of regular expression comes into play when we don’t know the exact string to match.
HaXe has built-in support for regular expression. We use regular expression to match a given pattern or to extract a given pattern. In haXe, the match rule for regular expression starts with ~/ and ends with /. Let’s see the following example:
var a : EReg = ~/John/;
var msg = "welcome John";
trace(a.match(msg)); // true : 'John' was found in the string
trace(a.match("welcome !")); // false
Here a contain the matching rule. We match this rule against the msg message. When it found the matched pattern it displays true, otherwise false.
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  1. OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook.
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