Monday, April 19, 2010

Return type in haXe

We use return keyword to exit from a function. We also return a value from a function with this keyword. The return statement takes the general form:
Return value;
Where value is the value to be returned. Let’s see an example of return keyword.
function func( i : Int ) : Bool {
if( i % 2 != 0 ){
return true;
return false;
To return a value the above function has the return type Boolean. We write the return type after the function declaration and the type precedes a colon(:). We can use the return statement without assigning a value to it. It causes the function to return immediately, before the function’s closing curly brace is reached. Let’s see another example of it.
function nothing(x:Int) : Void {
if( x==10 ){
// ....
Here the function has void return type. It checks x’s value against 10 and if it is true then it executes the return statement without any value.
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