Friday, April 16, 2010

features of haXe.

We have run our first haXe program and have compiled for different targets. Cool, that’s great a feature of haXe. We have made only one haXe program which then has given us several different compiled codes targeting different platforms. That’s why HaXe is a multiplatform language.
Let’s see some other magnificent features of HaXe.
• It has complete type inference; no need to type local variables. Type inference refers to the ability to find automatically the type of a variable. So, when we set a value to a variable, the type of the variable automatically sets according to the value.
• haXe provides runtime type information. Runtime type information is a mechanism that allows the type of an object to be determined during program execution. We will implement haxe.rtti.infos to get this information.
• Conditional compilation is a process through which we can compile only selected portion of code excluding other sections. Haxe supports this feature with conditional compilation macros.
• HaXe uses Inline methods and variables. This feature increases the compiled code size and also the execution speed of the program.
• Debug compilation mode features enables the scope to debug our code in compile time. We can add additional exceptional handler in compile time for debugging purpose.
• HaXe has Optimized generics. We use generics to check the type of a collection to the compiler. When the compiler knows the element type of the collection, then the compiler checks the consistency of the collection. Then it inserts the accurate cast on values of collection.
• We can build Flash desktop application with ScreenweaverHX. Screenweaver is software for building cross platform Rich Interfaced Desktop Applications (RIDA). It separates application logic from application interface. ScreenweaverHX acts like a bridge between Neko VM and Flash.
• Strongly typed language.
• Haxe invented the useful ‘untyped’ keyword. Sometimes we want to implement a class or function or test case which is not allowed in HaXe. Then untyped keyword plays a big role.
• HaXe comes with ‘magic’ keywords.
• haXe has supports for packages.
• It uses Polymorphic methods. A polymorphic method behaves differently, depending on the object type it is called with. In this way, the nuts and bolts of the code are hidden from us. We just call the object with the operation that we need to apply to the object. We need not to know what type the object is of, or how to adapt the operation to the type.
• Unit testing support.
• Cross platform serialization to web compatible format
• High level type system: anonymous type , dynamic type,
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