Monday, April 19, 2010

Function type in haXe

Functions are integral part of haXe. We can’t think of haXe without functions. It must contain at least the Main() function. A function is a code block of a program that perform a specific task and which is independent of remaining code block.
The syntax for function definitions are like the following:
Access-modifier function function-name(var-name:type):return-type{}
Here access-modifier may be public, private for the function function-name with argument var-name of type. This function will return return-type.
Like objects, HaXe functions are typed. Their type depends on two things:
• The arguments taken by the function.
• The return type of the function.
For example, we have the following function,
public function prime(even : String, odd : String) : Int
Here the function prime has arguments even and odd of type string. This returns an Int type. We can denote this as:
We can even take a function as an argument to our function. And also can return a function. let’s take a look at the following function:
public function prime(even : String, odd : String->Int) : Int
We can write this like:
Ok, now we will show a function which accepts the above arguments but returns a function with two arguments of type Int and returns a String. So, the function is like:
function m2(arg1 : String, arg2 : String->Int) : Int->Int->String;
Now let’s see how we will write that:
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