Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash targets of haXe

Flash provides an effective and easy way to develop interactive graphical applications such as games and interactive websites. Flash technology has three languages and two virtual machines: ActionScript1 and ActionScript2 run on AVM and ActionScript3 language runs on the latest AVM2. These two VM is considered as Flash and Flash9: two different platforms.
HaXe supports both of the above platforms. With features like generics and type-inference, Haxe is well thought-out as an enhanced programming language than the most recent AS3. The complier also runs faster and produces quicker code than that of AS3.
Many tools are there to leverage our existing investment with flash and use third-party Flash and AS3 libraries:
• A .swf file of Flash IDE can be used by HaXe compiler easily to get the graphic assets.
• We can use Haxe libraries from AS3 by using the SWC output of HaXe program.
• The AS3 generator of haXe can convert a haXe program to a corresponding AS3 code.
HaXe has the following features which overcomes that of flash:
• We can compile our program with HaXe to any version of Flash. Thus, haXe eases our way for backward compatibility.
• HaXe codes are generic and inline. So, its compiler runs faster than the Flex SDK.
• Haxe is fully compatible with Flex and Flash. So, we can run haXe codes in Flash or Flex easily.
• With the help of haXe we can use Haxe libraries with AS3 using SWC.
• We can access low level memory with it and hence increases speed greatly.
• Lightweight streaming videos can be obtained from haXe over RTMP protocol.
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